Glenn Healy Slams Twitter, Makes Some Good Points


Former Maple Leafs Back-up goaltender (the position James Reimer plays) Glenn Healy unleashed his hard-hitting new blog on this evening. The blog is called 140 words, because anyone who saw Heels take over in net knows that he’s at his best when being brief.

I don’t want to take all 140 words and make the blog totally worthless (as if that were possible), but here’s the choice cut where he really shoots off double-barrels of truth.

I don’t do Twitter. I will never tweet.

Some of my colleagues may criticize me, but they don’t watch the games anymore. They just read the tweets about them. The truth is, before you are allowed to tweet you should have to take a breathalyzer test. Boring tweets should be emailed to your grandma instead.

First and foremost, damn, Healy slammed you stat nerds with that one. As a bunch of keyboard toting clowns, most of you have no idea what it’s like to stand up to nearly half as many shots as a starter like Jonny Bernier, nevermind having the stones to stand between the benches of two fired up teams in a National Hockey League arena.


Second of all, I couldn’t agree more about boring tweets. Send those pieces of garbage to your grandma, because nobody else cares.

Third, and most importantly: Maple Leafs #1 Starting Goalie Jonathan Bernier does not have a twitter account. Legit starting goalies don’t have time for that mess.


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